"Science is demonstrated by students who become leaders of their peers to advocate and take action for moral excellence and in return, benefits the community."


Mr. Lee
Mr. Schwartz

Room Number

S101B (Mr. Schwartz’s Room)

Officer's Meeting

Every Mondays during lunch

General Member Meeting

Every Fridays during lunch


Giang, Steven
Huynh, Son
Ibay, Maiko
Law, Darren
Law, Pui Shan
Yu, Alex


Agustin, Delwin
Agustin, Heinrick
Aquino, Tiffany
Bengco, Mark
Cheng, Jackie
Cruz, Zoenoel
Dayan, Janessa
Gomez, Ascencion
He, Amanda
Huang, Shang
Kwok, Richard
Lam, Billy
Lau, Chester
Lei, Yeny
Li, Brandon
Liu, Jen
Orquiza, Ely
Quach, Tommy
Shahid, Sharmeen
Tang, Brandon
Tang, Vincent
Tang, Winston
Troncoso, Oscar
Vang, Macy
Velasco, MJ
Vicencio, Michael Cedric
Wu, Juliana
Young, Cecilia
Yu, Hiram
Yu, Steven
Yu, Victor
Yuan, Salene
Zhang, Ruiwen


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