Burton's AoF students will not be providing free tax services this year. Sorry for any inconvenience. Call 211 to find a free tax office near you.

You can read and watch media about our nationally recognized tax office at the links below.



1) Pearson's SEfL Video about Burton's Tax Office

2) Edutopia's article about Burton's Tax Office

Field Trip to Spectrum FCU and Dodge and Cox 04/20/12



The Academy of Finance at Burton is a student-centered, small learning community that combines academic rigor - in classes at Burton and through enrollment in business classes at San Francisco City College - structured business internships, and community service in the planning and operation of Burton's award-winning Tax Office. Working in teams, students learn and apply business communication techniques and analytic skills that make them attractive candidates for internships and career positions. The Academy of Finance is open to all Burton students in good standing who are interested in making, keeping money, using it wisely, and becoming effective participants in the global marketplace.



First year Academy of Finance students learn about personal financial information and corporate financial information (e.g., debits, credits, and liabilities). Students explore how companies gather money and how to measure their performances by reading annual reports. Students will briefly cover taxes in preparation for next year.

Second year Academy of Finance students learn about marketing, taxes, and professional computer applications. Students will create a strategic marketing plan, develop a resume & cover letter, get certified to prepare taxes, work in a tax office and summer internship, and get certified in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Third year Academy of Finance students learn to make investment, how to make financial plans, and to read and analyze the financial reports of public companies. Students also learn, in addition to preparing for and working in the Burton Tax Office, global finance and compete against other schools in the International Economic Summit (IES) conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Academy of Finance

Teacher Profiles

Douglas Knight Singer

Douglas Knight Singer

Douglas Knight Singer was born and raised in the San Francisco East Bay and has been teaching in the Academy of Finance since 2005. He received his B.A. from UCLA and his M.B.A. from the University of Oregon. Mr. Singer then worked for six years in motion picture distribution for DreamWorks SKG. After leaving corporate entertainment to become a teacher at Burton, Becky Gerek, and Patrick Flannery recruited Doug to teach in the Academy of Finance, for which he is very grateful!

Teachers involved with Academy of Finance

  • Douglas Knight Singer
  • David Knight
  • Marsha Friesen

Burton Tax Office 2011-12


Slideshow 1 Academy of Finance fieldtrip to Grant Thornton, 11/18/2011