Ms. Chan-Evans


Mr. Morgan

Ms. Savin

Mr. White, A

Mr. Singer

Mr. Schlauraff

Ms. Pajarito

Mr. Wofford

Mr. Nielson

Mr. Stiltner

Mr. Pablo

Ms. Kapadia

Ms. Douglas


Class of 2020!

Calling all Sophomores: Stop by the teen center and enter a raffle by signing up for one of programs. There are plenty to choose from and if nothing catches your eye, YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN PROGRAM! It's a great opportunity for job and college applications, networking, and getting a solid recommendation for the future!

Da’Nille Lemon. c/o 2020 President

Adriana Tse c/o 2020 Vice President

Jessica Chen c/o2020 Secretary

Luke Zhuang c/o2020 Treasurer