• Mr. Chui

    Mr. Knight

    Mr. Cotsen

    Ms. Quindlen

    Ms. Zamora

    Ms. Navarro

    Ms. Kaufman

    Ms. Friesen

    Mr. Schwartz

    Ms. Song

    Mr. Singer

    Dr. Cook 

  • Counselor:
    Ms. Chan-Evans


Who can you go to about college?

Tyla Brown, JCYC

Simone Andrade, PACT

Ron Marshall, EAOP College Advisor

Michelle Garcia, EAOP College Advisor

Anthea Lim, EAOP College Advisor

Arman Liwanag, Uaspire College Financial Aid Advisor

CLASS OF 2019!

The entire junior class has a college field trip on Thursday, 10/20!

Razelene Nicole Llorando c/o 2019 President

Rebecca Cavanaugh c/o 2019 Vice President

Daryll Conlu c/o 2019 Secretary

Costin Smilovici c/o 2019 Treasurer