Maria Navarro
World Language Teacher
Teaches: Spanish
Location: Room 318
# of years in education: 26
Originally from: Puerto Rico
Grew up in: Bronx, New York (family still lives there)
Hobbies: traveling throughout the world (China, the Philippines, Brazil), reading, bicycle riding


Suchien Kaiser
Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Classes: Chinese 1 & 2 and A.P. Chinese
Location: Room 328
# of years teaching: 20
Originally from: Taiwan
Hobbies: I like to read books and watch classical movies.


David Knight
Language Teacher
Classes: French and American Democracy Honors
Location: Room 326
# of years teaching: 32
Originally from: Chicago-ish
Hobbies: Politics and food. And food politics!
Addt'l info: I think everyone should read the New York Times!


Ms. Kapadia
From: Philadelphia
Hobbies: Hiking, fantasy football, pretending to be a comedian
Teaching for: 3 years
Classes: Spanish 1, and Spanish 2 H
Room: 332