Shawn Schwartz
Science Department Chair
Classes: Chemistry and Honors Chemistry
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 3:00-4:00pm, and Wednesday 1:00-1:30pm
Location: Room S102
# of years teaching: 15
Originally from: Shively, Kentucky
Hobbies: I enjoy hiking on, around, and inside volcanoes and playing board games with the Board Game Club.
Addt'l info: I sponsor Board Game Club in S102 on Fridays from 3:00-5:00pm

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Holger Michaelis
Chemistry and Engineering Teacher
Classes: Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and Intro. to Engineering Design
Location: Rooms S104 & 111
Office Hours: M-F @ lunch; Tu (3:05 - 4:30 pm) (Room S104)
# of years teaching: 16
Originally from: Germany
Hobbies: I like to runs trails and play Dungeons & Dragons.
Addt'l info: I like to intersperse my classes with "dad jokes".

Eugene Pearson
AP Biology & Health Sciences Teacher
Classes: AP Biology, Health Sciences II, Health Sciences III
Office Hours: Lunch and after school
Location: Room 116
# of years teaching: 7
Originally from: South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hobbies: The outdoors are my extracurricular passion: backpacking, hiking, kayaking, and camping are all activities I regularly enjoy. When not enraptured by the beauty of the wilderness, I look forward to going to the park with my pups Ulysses and Thibault, playing Civilization VI against my boyfriend Danny, and nerding-out to podcasts about history, science, and linguistics.
Addt'l info: I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where I earned my degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology in 2005 and completed teaching credential coursework in 2010 at San Francisco State University. Other roles at Burton include being the Seniors With Academic Goals (SWAG) 12th Grade Team Lead, 12th Grade Class Advisor, and Academy of Health Sciences Coordinator.

Joe Rubin
Health and Physics Teacher
Classes: Health and Physics
Location: Room 110
Office Hours: Every day at lunch, after school by appointment
# of years teaching: 35
Originally from: Brooklyn, New York
Hobbies: I'm interested in art, music, capoeira, reading and working to make the world a more safe and just place.
Addt'l info: If you need help, ask me. I've seen a lot. If you ask, I can help.

Normita Balangue
Physics Teacher
Classes: Honors Physics & 9th Grade NGSS Physics
Location: Room 112
# of years teaching: 17
Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00 - 4:00
Originally from: Philippines
Hobbies: I love traveling, listening to music & audiobooks, scrapbooking and cooking.
Quote: Be the BEST you can be!

Lindsay Miller
11th grade chemistry and 9th grade Health Teacher
Classes: Chemistry & Health
Location: S101
Office Hours: everyday at lunch and after school by appointment
# of years teaching: 3
Originally from: Santa Clarita, CA
Hobbies: I enjoy hiking, yoga, going to the beach or park, and spending time with friends and family.

Byron Gougoumis
10th grade Biology Teacher
Classes: General Biology, Honors Biology, and Online Course
Location: Room S204 for 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, and Room 218 for 2nd
Office Hours: General Biology: Tuesday & Thursday during lunch. Honors Biology during Friday lunch. After school by appointment.
# of years teaching: 1
Originally from: Johannesburg, South Africa (Born of Greek parents)
Hobbies: I'm a licensed sailing boat captain and love being on the water. I also enjoy hiking and camping as well as cooking international foods.
Addt'l info: I am looking very forward to discovering and exploring the wonderful world of biology with my 10th grade scientists.

Evan Mundahl
10th grade Biology Teacher
Classes: Health science 1 & 2
Location: Room 118
Office Hours: 30 minutes before or after school
# of years teaching: 2
Originally from: Pismo Beach, CA
Hobbies: Love to get outside and experience the natural world, specifically, surfing and camping.
Addt'l info: Experience working as an EMT and lifeguard for CA state parks.

Louisa Hunt
9th grade physics and health :)
Classes: Health and NGSS Physics 9
Location: Room 108
Office Hours: during lunch everyday & after school TBD
# of years teaching: 6
Originally from: Seattle, WA
Hobbies: Cuddling with dogs, sipping hot coffee and biking around the city.

Marvin Liyanage
Physics Teacher
Classes: Principles of Physics, Physics
Location: Room 109
Office Hours: I plan to have regular office hours set up a few weeks into the new semester, but if any student needs to talk to someone on campus I will do everything I can to be available.
# of years teaching: 1
Originally from: Köln, Germany
Hobbies: During the school year I spend my off-time rock climbing or sharing meals with friends. I'm a science nerd at heart so science is my hobby.
Addt'l info: I will be teaching Principles of Physics (9th Grade) and Physics (12th Grade) this year at Burton. I'm excited to be a part of the Burton family, to welcome incoming students, and be there for students looking to their path after high school.