American Red Cross 

Bay Area Chapter - 
YCE(Youth for Chinese Elderly)

"The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter provides relief to those affected by disasters and empowers individuals in our community to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. By helping people in the Bay Area learn how to take care of their families and neighbors, we strengthen our community and make it more resilient to disasters large and small."




Mr. Kim


Room Number:



Officer's Meeting:

Monday or Tuesday after school


General Member Meeting:

Thursdays during Lunch


Hugo Huang

Vice President: 
Lily Law

AASB Leaders: 
Shawn Li
Milly Yao
Hebby Tan

Marco Choi
Focus Kwok

Li Chung Chou


Chen, Sihan
Jiang, Lawson
Jiang, Leon
Liu, Shishi
Rong, Lili
Yu, Huiting
Yu, Xuemei
Zeng, Jay
Zeng, Tingting
Zhou, Jimmy
Ma, Krystal
Song, Jack
Choi, Erica
Feng, Jerry
Zhu, Shuo
Vo, Tien
Hu, Ryan
Lee, Wingtung
Lin, Ningjia
Yu, Jiaxing
Yu, Kelly
Zhang, Lily
Jian, Christina
Jiang, Yifan
Liu, Weijiang
Mai, Betty
Xu, Eva
Xu, Zhoufeng
Zhang, Lisa
Zhu, Rani
Lin, Vicky
Feng, Minnie
He, Cindy
Ao, Yuki