We are currently recruiting more members for buildOn. Please see Ms. Ashkenes for more information in Rm 232.

This year we will be going to Haiti for Trek.

buildOn is a program that works with inner city kids to connect both locally through volunteer opportunities and globally by fundraising money to build schools developing countries such as Mali, Nicaragua, Malawi, Haiti, and Nepal.

Every Tuesdays during lunch in Room 232

Sada Askenes
Peter Toscani

Amy Charpentier

President: Steven Yu
Co-President: Sun Huynh
Treasurer: Anawin Murada
Publicity: Eric Tan
Secretary: Jamie Guan
Global Ed: Brenda Zhang
Community Service: Joyce Chio

Ely Orquiza
Anawin Murada
Tracy Wong
Sally Lee
Judy Kuang
Jeannie Doan
Steven Yu
Simon Yu
Xandralie Jacaba
Marielle Miguel
Justin Lin
Moaen Ahmed
Michael Dao
Li Juan Chen
Jackie Marraera
Wil Santo
Alex Wong
Yifan Xu
Eric Tan
Brenda Zhang
Joyce Chio
Jamie Guan
Sun Huynh