Freshman Academy



The purpose of the Freshman Academy is to help freshmen transition into the high school atmosphere. This program helps raises the spirit of the ninth graders and unites them as a whole. It allows them to be more motivated and more enthusiastic when it comes to learning. It also allows ninth graders to create a bond with their teachers and with their fellow classmates. In the Freshman Academy, the freshmen are split up into two separate teams: teal team, and black team. These two teams participate in friendly competitions with each other allowing them to gain their puma pride.
Some events that are held for the freshman academy are the BBQ party, Freshman Olympics, Freshman award ceremonies, and a exploration of McLaren Park.


Teachers involved with Freshman Academy

Freshman Academy Team Coordinator:

(To be determined)

Black Team:

Ms. Bautista
From: Mountain View, CA
Teaching for: 3 years
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, hanging with friends
Classes: ELD, 9th Grade
English Room 124

Ms. Stupek
From: Redding, CA
Hobbies: traveling, playing volleyball, reading, cooking
Teaching for: 6 years
Classes: 12th Grade English, ELD and Drama
Room: 122

From: San Jose
Hobbies: Watching Football, Playing Soccer, Fantasy Football Watching television and Playing video games
Teaching for: 2 year
Classes: 9th Grade Algebra 1 and Algebra 2
Room 342

Mr. Simpson

From: Hungton Beach, CA
Hobbies: Playing the drums, riding his bike, surfing
Teaching for: 22 years
Classes: College and Career Education

Teal Team:

Mr. Azucena
From: San Francisco
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, bicycling, watching good movies
Teaching for: 1 year
Classes: 9th Grade English
Room: 131

Ms. Goldberg
Hobbies: Loves to travel and enjoys hiking, gardening, camping and practicing the ukulele
Teaching for:4+ years
Classes: 9th Grade Algebra 1
Room 344

Mr. Schwartz
From: Louisville, Kentucky
Hobbies: Tetris, Scrabble, Making Fun of Kids, Magic the Gathering
Teaching for: 12 Years
Classes: Earth Science, Honors Chemistry
Room: S101A

Ms. Shreve
From: Santa Clara, CA
Hobbies: Reading books & comics, drawing, painting, knitting, and swimming
Classes: Physics and Earth Science
Room: 112, 114

Mr. Rubin
From: New York
Hobbies: Capoeira, Handball, Physics
Teaching: 32 Years
Classes: Health Education
Room: 110

From:Bronx, New York
Hobbies: Running, Reading and Watching Movies
Teaching for:5 years
Classes: CCE
Room 127