Omar Reza is the 2022 counselor.


Freshman Academy

What is the Freshman Academy?

The Freshman Academy Team (FAT) is a sheltered 9th grade transition program. Teachers work to monitor student progress and provide both academic interventions and structure through a curriculum that works to the learning styles of their students using consistent expectations and common language. Students gain academic and social tools, strategies and experiences as they enter the BEAST -commonly known as the sophomore year- ready to become active and successful participants in their communities.


Academy Events

Every year the FAT looks to provide opportunities for academic and social growth. Here are some of the academy events that we look forward to each year: 

Pumas in the Park
Each fall every freshman is encouraged to join us in a day of activities at John McLaren Park designed to build community within advisories and the entire class. 

Freshman Olympics 
The freshman advisories come out and represent competing in six different Olympic games designed to challenge you for glory and community.   

Academy Rush
Students are given the opportunity to learn and view hands-on demonstrations about the different academies offered at Burton. This event serves as great exposure for our students as they prepare to make their choice of an academy. 

Pumas en la Playa 
In the spring every freshman is encouraged to join us in a second community building day which typically takes place at Ocean Beach. 



F.A.T. Teachers

The Black and Teal teams reference our advisories.
Here is the team makeup: 



Bautista, Agnes

Stupek, Lauren

Traverso, Vicki

Hanson, Stephanie

Yamamoto, Daniel

Balangue, Normita

Campuspos, Jake

Miller, Lauren

Rubin, Joseph

Francis, Jeremy

Chui, Kevin

White, Caleb

Kanakis, Tatiana

Simpson, Joel

Prince, Kyle

Hunt, Louisa

Liyanage, Marvin

Rattan, Matt