Pumas in the Park is on 9/22/17!


Freshman Academy



The purpose of the Freshman Academy is to help freshmen transition into the high school atmosphere. This program helps raises the spirit of the ninth graders and unites them as a whole. It allows them to be more motivated and more enthusiastic when it comes to learning. It also allows ninth graders to create a bond with their teachers and with their fellow classmates. In the Freshman Academy, the freshmen are split up into two separate teams: teal team, and black team. These two teams participate in friendly competitions with each other allowing them to gain their puma pride.
Some events that are held for the freshman academy are the BBQ party, Freshman Olympics, Freshman award ceremonies, and a exploration of McLaren Park.


Teachers involved with Freshman Academy

The Black and Teal teams reference our advisories.
Here is the team makeup: 

Teal Team

Black Team

Bautista, Agnes

Stupek, Lauren

Traverso, Vicki

Hanson, Stephanie

Yamamoto, Daniel

Balangue, Normita

Campuspos, Jake

Miller, Lauren

Rubin, Joseph

Simpson, Joel

Prince, Kyle

Here are the additional members of the Freshmen Academy Team: 

Young, Manuel
White, Caleb Timothy
Sadiarin, Romelda
Reinman, Peter
Willett, Doug