All Burton Academy of Arts, Media, & Entertainment students are inquisitive and collaborative learners who apply their skills to serve local and global communities and use technology to solve real-world problems. They are prepared for professional success and are critical consumers and producers of technology and media.

Mr. Singer's AME juniors visit Dolby Laboratories on 3/3/16 to pitch short films, get a tour, and interact with a career panel about careers in technology.


Eric Chow
Location: Room 134 (3rd, 5th, & 6th)
and Room 136 (2nd & 4th)
Classes: Broadcast Media 3, English/European Literature

Mr. Chow is proud to be one of the lead teachers in the Academy of Information Technology. With a Bachelor's Degree in English from UC Berkeley, Mr. Chow has taught at Burton for 15 years and is very excited about AME because it prepares students not only to be ready for college but also to be responsible and resourceful citizens of the information age. Even though he requires his students to use computers, cameras and other digital technology, he reminds them that the heart, the mind and infinite imagination are their greatest weapons.
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Douglas Knight Singer
Location: Room 222
Classes: Broadcast Media II
and A.P. Computer Science Principles

Douglas Knight Singer was born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay. He has been teaching at Burton since 2004. He received his B.A. from UCLA and his M.B.A. from the University of Oregon. He worked at DreamWorks SKG for six years in motion picture distribution before joining Burton. Mr. Singer is passionate about teaching broadcast media and Computer Science!
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Tera Freedman

CTE Coordinator and AME Teacher
Classes: Broadcast Media 1
Location: Room 222 (2nd) and Room 136 (3rd)
Office: Room 220
# of years in education: 28
Originally from: San Francisco
Hobbies: I love to see, travel, garden, create art, and reading.


Broadcast Media I (10th)

You will create graphic arts while learning about art and high-end professional computer programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Through presenters and field trips, you will learn about the Media Arts industry. Your main units will be to publish your own graphics, website and animation.

Broadcast Media II (11th)

Broadcast Media II provides a hands-on introduction to digital video. The course guides students through all phases of digital video production, including pre-production and planning, executing and managing a video shoot, and editing and post-production techniques. Students explore methods of sharing and broadcasting digital videos, including multiple platform versions, CDs and DVDs, and web delivery. They also learn about the latest methods of publicizing a digital video, such as using online search engines to direct viewers to the production. Finally, students have a chance to discover the types of careers that exist in digital media and design today.

Broadcast Media III (12th)

In Broadcast Media III, seniors apply their Academy skills and knowledge to take on social enterprise projects that not only benefit the Burton community but also provide opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of the industry. In collaboration with Adobe Youth Voices, KALW, San Francisco Ed Fund, and BAYCAT, seniors will produce a regular broadcasting program for the school community.

Mr. Singer's AME juniors visit KALW on 3/11/14 to record sound tracks.