Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School is San Francisco's only wall-to-wall academy and comprehensive high school! Our
program is designed around the belief that all students can achieve the following outcomes:

-Intellectual Growth



-Cultural & Linguistic sensitivity

-Democratic responsibility

-Economic competence

-Physical and mental health

The school program provides each student with the opportunity to become a contributing member of the society able to take initiative and make informed decisions. Furthermore, Burton's many programs are designed to support students in their efforts to achieve self-esteem, dignity, mutual understanding, and cultural sensitivity.

Academy Model

Burton boasts five great academy programs in which students earn real world experience both in the classroom and in the community.

-Freshman Academy: Sheltered ninth grade transition program. Students learn the value of team membership and wor

k closely with a carde of committed teachers.

-Academy of Pre-Engineering: Students learn design strategies and principles of engineering in a computer-based model of instruction.

-Academy of Arts, Media, and Entertainment: Students create video and digital media using technology and computer programming. Also, we partner with KALW for radio broadcasting.

-Academy of Health Science: Students intern at area hospitals and learn life saving techniques.